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Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences Mathematical Sciences VOL. 123, NO. 2, MAY 2013

Bell numbers, determinants and series
P K Saikia and Deepak Subedi
Abstract   Full Text: [PDF (216 kB)]
The smallest Randic index for trees
Li Bingjun and Liu Weijun
Abstract   Full Text: [PDF (244 kB)]
A new generalization of Hardy-Berndt sums
Muhammet Cihat Dagli and Mumun Can
Abstract   Full Text: [PDF (206 kB)]
On partial sums of a spectral analogue of the Mobius function
Kalyan Chakraborty and Makoto Minamide
Abstract   Full Text: [PDF (219 kB)]
Distribution of residues and primitive roots
Jagmohan Tanti and R Thangadurai
Abstract   Full Text: [PDF (198 kB)]
On rationality of moduli spaces of vector bundles on real Hirzebruch surfaces
Indranil Biswas and Ronnie Sebastian
Abstract   Full Text: [PDF (240 kB)]
Characteristic classes for GO(2n) in etale cohomology
Saurav Bhaumik
Abstract   Full Text: [PDF (247 kB)]
A note on 2-nilpotence of finite groups
Jiangtao Shi and Cui Zhang
Abstract   Full Text: [PDF (131 kB)]
Conjugacy class sizes and solvability of finite groups
Qinhui Jiang and Changguo Shao
Abstract   Full Text: [PDF (159 kB)]
Notes on discrete subgroups of Mobius transformations
Hua Wang, Yueping Jiang and Wensheng Cao
Abstract   Full Text: [PDF (177 kB)]
A note on the Fuglede-Putnam theorem
Fotios C Paliogiannis
Abstract   Full Text: [PDF (175 kB)]
Multiple decomposability of probabilities on contractible locally compact groups
Wilfried Hazod and Katrin Kosfeld
Abstract   Full Text: [PDF (368 kB)]
Asymptotic distribution of products of sums of independent random variables
Yanling Wang, Suxia Yao and Hongxia Du
Abstract   Full Text: [PDF (191 kB)]
Series solutions and a perturbation formula for the extended Rayleigh problem of hydrodynamic stability
V Ganesh and M Subbiah
Abstract   Full Text: [PDF (169 kB)]

International Journal of Vehicle Structures & Systems Volume 4 Issue 4

Volume 4 Issue 4

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Special Issue on First Brazilian Conference on Composite Materials – Editorial ForwardPDF 
Carlos A. Cimini Jr., Jose D.D. Melo, Gerson Marinucci, Flaminio L. Neto, Francisco K. Arakaki
Analysis of Low Energy Impact on Filament-wound Composite CylindersPDF 
Marcelo L. Ribeiro, Tulio Martins, Murilo Sartorato, Gregorio F.O. Ferreira, Volnei Tita, Dirk Vandepitte
Prediction of Failures in Single Lap Bonded Composite Joint Subjected to Low Energy Impact LoadingPDF 
Sergio A. Capasciutti de Oliveira, Mauricio V. Donadon, Jose R. Tarpani
Sensitivity of Automated Fibre Placement Parameters on Manufacturing Defects in Laminated CompositesPDF 
Alex C. Bottene, Wellington L. Nunes de Mello, Rynaldo Z. Hemerly de Almeida
Representative Volume Element based Transverse Shear Characterisation of Laminated CompositesPDF 
Murilo Sartorato, Ricardo de Medeiros, Marcelo L. Ribeiro, Volnei Tita
Numerical and Experimental Dynamic Analyses via Smart CompositesPDF 
Ricardo de Medeiros , Marcelo L. Ribeiro, Gregorio F. O. Ferreira, Flavio D. Marques, Volnei Tita
Thermal Expansion Behaviour of Magnesium Boron Fibrous CompositesPDF 
Alexandre R. Soares, Bojan A. Marinkovic, Luciana P. Prisco, José R.M. d’Almeida
Parametric Analysis of Puck-Matzenmiller Theory based Damage Model for Composite StructuresPDF 
Marcus V. Angelo, Ana-Cristina Galucio, Volnei Tita

Indian Foundry Journal 59-5 May 2013